What is videobl?

videobl.com is a free tool that enables anyone to request others to record themselves responding to questions, or repeating specified text.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It is 100% free!

How do I request a confirmation?

Sign up for a free account, click on “Create New Request”, type in a what you would like the other person to answer or repeat - share the link. Get a notification when your recipient has responded.

Who can make request?

Absolutely anyone. You can find some case studies in the About section.

Do requests expire?

Nope. Once you create a request – the link is active forever. You can always delete the request though. It is worth mentioning that there are 2 options when creating a request: single response (only one person can respond to the request) or multiple responses.

How long can recordings be?

Currently all responses are 30 seconds long. We can increase this limit to some users upon request.

Besides video response, can I also ask for more data from respondent (i.e. email, name)?

Yes. You can create customer fields that will be required to be entered by the respondent.

Can I download recorded responses?

Yes! MP4 formatted videos are available to download as soon as recipient records the response..

Who can download and view recorded response?

Only the person who requested the response is able to download and view recorded response.

Can I integrate this into my website?

Yup! Check out our API