Rc_256x256 Videobl is a free tool that enables anyone to request others to record themselves responding to questions, providing feedback, participating in surveys, etc. Simple to use - create a request, share it with others, sit back and collect responses!

Video Surveys

Videobl offers a great new way of collecting survey results. You can simply create a request for feedback using Videobl, then share you link using any social and conventional methods. As your target audience responds to your request, you will be able to view the responses!

Customer Feedback

There are many tools that allow you to collect customer feedback. The basic information: name, email, and feedback itself. With Videobl you can request feedback in video form. Your customer can record him or herself providing you with valuable feedback.

Asking Questions

Perhaps you have a need to ask someone or group of people a question and have them respond to it. Perhaps you are a teacher and want to get your students to respond to a particular question.

Hosting a contest

You might find yourself hosting a contest. Getting people to respond using video is a great new means of capturing participant's presentation.

Combatting fraud

If you own an online store, or otherwise find yourself collecting payments online. You might want to consider videobl as an integral part of that process. Just like a signature on a card receipt. You can get your customer to respond to a preset message. For example: "My name is John Smith and I authorize this payment".

Interviewing job candidates

You can easily setup a set of questions using videobl and then provide a link to a group of candidates responding to them. This can be a great, quick and efficient way of screening candidates and saving a great deal on having your employers spend an hour with each candidate.